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December 29, 2012


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Pro Naruhina
Ok this is my 1st rant about anything.
"Hinata is annoying"
Really? Since when is she annoying. She may be shy and quiet and reserved but she is certainly not annoying. She made stutter alot but that only adds to her sweetness and cuteness. She is a kind sweet caring girl.
"Hinata's love is onesided and can never be canon"
Really? It maybe one-sided now but as of the late recent chapters it seems to me like Naruto is slowly but surely reciprocating her one-sided love for him. It can become canon if the creator decides it shall be and so far Masashi is giving us Naruhina lovers what we want.
Hinata is a bright, caring, sweet, shy, gentle, timid, compassionate girl that is willing to sacrifice herself for those she loves. I love Hinata's character development. After being bullied and brought down by those who deemed her worthless, useless, and weak she went right back up and showed them. She worked hard and trained everyday so that she could be stronger and show ppl what she could do. She turned from a shy quiet person into a well refined and strong human girl capable of protecting others and herself. I also say she's selfless to me because she wants to walk beside Naruto holding his hand and she puts herself before others.
Pro Ichihime
"Orihime is weak"
Really? Huh, I think not. She is not strong attack, offense and physicallywise but she is strong mentally, emotionally, psychologically and defensewise. She went through all that crap she had to go through and yet still had a smile for everyone especially Ichigo. She can heal. Her powers are unlike those of any character in Bleach because not only can she bring someone back to life after they died like how she brought back Ichigo twice from the dead but also can heal, fix, repair on a cellular and molecular level to the point where she kind of regenerates the people's organs, limbs and kind of body part or anything reiatsu wise on a spiritual level.
"Orihime is annoying because she says Kurosaki-kun alot"
So what! Big freaking whoop she says Ichigo's name multipule times. If the person you love was in constant danger or if they already died wouldn't you say their name alot because you care about them and get concerned and worried about them? I think so. She's not annoying. She says it because she is constantly keeping watch on Ichigo to make sure her love is healthy and alive. Just think of what she went through in Hueco Mundo. She gets kidnapped by Ulquiorra, Nnoitra wants to molest/rape her. Aizen just used her to lure them there because she was bait and he didn't need to use her powers at all. She gets beat up by Loly and Menoly and then Grimmjow beats her up. Then Grimmjow kidnaps her and brings her to Ichigo is lying lifeles looking up at her with dead, cold, soul less, empty eyes of voided nothingness. Then she gets womanhandled by Tesla then Nnoitra. Gets kidnapped by Coyote ansd brought back to Aizen. Then she gets beat up by Loly and Menoly again. Then she goes on top of Las Noches' dome to find Ulquiorra actually just killed Ichigo the second time. You can only imagine what her mind was going through after witnessing the death of her beloved then she desperately in a depressed and sorrow state, tries to heal him but she knows her powers couldn't bring him back so she cried and begged for Ichigo to help her in her time of need. Ichigo in his subconscious, the only thing he saw and heard was Orihime crying and telling him to help her.
"They can't be together because they practically have the same hair color"
Really? All because of freakin hair color? When did that ever matter if 2 ppl love eachother? So people who both had blonde hair or 2 ppl with black hair couldn't be a couple just because pigments and hair follicles? That's a stupid reason. That's like saying 2 black ppl or 2 Asian ppl couldn't be together because they look the same. I'm not being racist that's just a stupid retarded reason to not like them as a couple.
Anti Narusaku
"It's canon, it's 2 sided already Sakura loves Naruto"
Where in all the chapters does it ever say Sakura stopped loving Sasuke and now loves Naruto? Huh no where and never did it ever say that. Sakura is in love with Sasuke. Naruto still loves Sakura. As far as it's concerned, it's still just a love triange with it only being one-sided affection for Narusaku and Sasusaku. It's not canon until the other person loves that person back. It can't be 2 sided since the feelings weren't reciprocated yet.
"Violence and abusing ppl and being tsundere is love"
Heh yeah right. Since does hitting or beating someone up constitute as being love? So what if Sakura abuses Naruto because it's for comical reasons. That's not the point. The point is someone who constantly does that 2 a person is not love. Naruto never does anything wrong to deserve that. Sure he's perverted and immature sometimes but that's no excuse to constantly send off into the universe blasting away like a rocket and then eventually crash land somewhere and get injuries. Sakura is annoying, weak and immature. She's annoying because of the Naruto violence. She's immature because she always wanted ppl like Naruto to save her solve everyone of her problems for her especially when she made Naruto promise to bring Sasuke back no matter what. Do you know what the stupid promise did to Naruto for those 3 years? Eat him up and consumed his insides and leave him with a giant gaping hole right in his heart and chest. It was always a burden for him because Naruto is suxch a nice kind sweet guy that cares about everyone that he promised to bring him back just for Sakura's sake. The poor guy couldn't eat, sleep, breathe and live normally with that quilt weighting heavily on his shoulders and taking over him. Sakura is weak because sure she has medical jutsus and has the punching chakra power like tsunade, but other than that she's dead meat. She ever really protect herself due to how she is. She never really beat or killed anyone for that matter. She didn't kill Sasori, his grandma, Chiyo did, not her. Sasuke beat Deidara. Shikamaru beat Hidan. Naruto beat Kakuzu, Pein, Yahiko and Nagato and the six paths. Bee beat Kisame. Itachi planned for Sasuke to kill him so basically it was a planned suicide. Sakura couldn't beat anyone even if they bit her right in the carcass. She's just dead weight to the rest of everyone because she relies on ppl to do things for her, to save her carcass all the time when she can't even save herself. That's got to be a burden and miserable for everyone e;se to bail her out of trouble all the time.
Anti Ichiruki
"They love eachother, they're so canon"
Really? Is that really true? Fantasy, illusion world yes it's true in the minds of Ichirukiers. In reality the nonfiction, factual truth is in the manga and anime, it's NOT true. Where i all 366 episodes and all 522 chapters has Rukia ever said or thought "Ichigo I love you" When has Ichigo ever thought or said out loud "Rukia, I'm in love with you" Heh let me tell you. NEVER EVER ppl! They fight like friends or siblings or cousins but not lovers at all. Rkia has never shown romantic interest towards Ichigo and Ichigo has never shown romantic interest in Rukia either. He saved her from the Soul Society because he felt indebted to her. He felt like he owed her after she gave him her powers to become a shinigami. He only went to pay his debt to her because her owed her, nothing more. He went to Hueco Mundo to save Orihime not because of any non existent no debts at all but rather went of his volition. Of his OWN FREE WILL to save her. They can't ever be canon if both don't have feelings for the other. Orihime has shown to definitely love Ichigo but that's just one-sided unreciprocated love for now. But eventually it become canon if Ichigo reciprocates her feelinds then it becomes 2 sided love and canon for real if he ever said "Orihime I have fallen in love with you' Haven't you people ever noticed that all Ichigo and Rukia ever do mostly when they see eachother is fight, argue and physically hurt eachother alot? Ichigo with Orihime however, is always gentle, kind, sweet , warm and very friendly towards Orihime. Everytime she's near him he always can't help but give a tender, gentle smile which is rare for him to give anyone friends and even family. He always has furrowed eyebrows, a scowl all the time as his trademark facial expression. But around Orihime, he completely changes exterior and interior and becomes this other person entirely. Rukia is also like Sakura, weak. She constantly used her shikai which failed alot and she had Ichigo and numerous other ppl save her hide from her enemies because she couldn't beat them herself and she constantly couldn't protect herself. She only beat Aaroneiro canon story wise. But that was the lowest ranking espada since he was number 9 and the espada go from 0-9. So not really a great feat. Why is it that Ichigo always has a desire to not just protect his family and friends but also his enemies too? He has such a big heart to want to save and protect everyone. He wanted to be stronger for his mom and for himself so that he could be a hero and save those are close and dear to him. Ever think of this though ppl? Why is it that if you single them out and you pick the one specific one, why does Ichigo protect and save Orihime the most? Why is it that he always has such an extreme desire and obsession with wanting to keep Orihime safe? Especially when he fought Grimmjow and Ulquiorra, he made sure that any attack coming her way he block and shield Orihime with his body? In order to prevent her from getting hit he let the attacks hit his body physically instrad letting his body receive the damage. Ulquiorr even noticed how stronger Ichigo became after that short of  time since he last fought and saw him. He thinks the reason Ichigo got stronger is because of Orihime. He got stronger to protect and save her. He never wanted to use his hollow mask in front of her ever because he knew that his hollow mask made Orihime afraid and he couldn't handle that. He feared that everytime because seeing Orihime afraid of him was a nightmare for him to always see and suffer in reality and in hell for. The one thought on his brain during the time he was in his subconscious was this........ Orihime... save Orihime... I must... I will protect her. Then because of this he actually tranformed into a hollow and let his hollow take control of his body in order to not only defeat Ulquiorra but also to keep Orihime save. That and all things else they have an unbreakable connection and an unbreakable bond. The chemistry between them is intense that maybe just maybe Ichigo does love Orihime as a romantic soul mate after all.

Pro Naruhina Pro Ichihime rant and moreby MasteroFEverything19

Journals / Personal©2012-2014 MasteroFEverything19
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Soulbird77 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
FINALLY! Someone else who is able to see ichigo and rukia's relationship for what it really is. Personally, the way they act towards each other outside of battle can hardly even be called "friendship". Rukia flies off the handle for the most stupid and minor reasons and people bad-mouth Orihime. She's a healer/white mage, without her, some of the more popular characters would be long dead, you don't need to be a warrior to be important or useful. And at least she does her job right, Rukia, besides being a plot device, is completely unreliable in battle. Orihime is kind, understanding, loving, protective and beautiful both inside and out. Rukia is bad-tempered, inconsiderate, arrogant, self-rightous and an overall..............brat. Sorry, I just needed to get that out of my system.
bookwormsteve Featured By Owner May 30, 2013
i like hinata and orhime enough said
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i meant i like both chars persnonatlites that they are good chars
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